Network Evaluation and Research. All members of our team have vast experience in systems evaluation and research, from an interorganizational systems perspective. We provide facilitation, evaluation, analysis, and tool building for assessment. The PARTNER team is particularly skilled in network evaluation.

  • We author and manage the PARTNER tool which collects social network data and provides a tool to analyze them.
  • We use our customized Network Evaluation Framework (Link) to assess Attribution, Perceptions, Agreement, and Interrelationships of Networks
  • We utilize a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach to work closely with communities when designing, assessing, and analyzing networks.
  • See more about our Clients and Projects here (link).

Training Network Leaders. Many people today are deeply involved in the network way of working, but are struggling to find tools and a place to build skills for this new way of connecting across boundaries. We provide ongoing webinars, an annual training academy, and customized trainings to provide conversations about network leadership, activities and exercises to share and demonstrate skills and ideas, and practical tools to translate back to practice to become more effective network members and leaders. We train network leaders by:

  • Providing ongoing web demos on different network leadership topics. For more information on our upcoming web demos, click here.
  • Hosting the annual Network Leadership Training Academy, where public sector leaders gather to learn, share ideas, and develop skills for engaging in the “network way of working.“ For more information on the NLTA, click here.
  • We are currently working on creating a Network Leadership certificate through the University of Colorado system. More information on this is coming soon!

Develop Tools for Network Assessment. Our work is based on network science, with the primary foundation based on an approach that more network members and relationships are not always better, but rather a strategic approach to network building based on the quality and content of relationships among network members. To engage in this kind of strategic planning in networks requires data. We collect network data using two tools that this team has authored. These include:

  • The PARTNER Tool – a social network analysis data collection and analysis tool. Find out more here
  • The Patient-Centered Network App – a program to collect data on personal networks, to assess the strengths and weaknesses in a personal support network and link to community resources.

Building Capacity to Translate Data to Practice. Network data is complicated in nature, and it can be difficult to understand how to fully utilize this data. We believe in building the capacity of networks to not only understand their network analysis, but how this data can be used to improve their collaborative or outcomes.
We help communities translate their data to practice by:

  • Providing Technical Assistance such as webinars and ½ or full day in-person trainings focused on Social Network Analysis, using the PARTNER Tool and Quality Improvement Methodology.
  • Working with communities to develop their “Ideal Network” to develop action steps to get them from where they are to where they want to be.
  • Creating a variety of reports and other documents which can be used to help you better understand your network, as well as documenting collaboration and impact to funders, etc. These documents include: generic or personalized PARTNER reports, highlights documents, specific grant language, and recommended action steps.
  • For a complete list of services and pricing, click here. If you have any questions, please contact us at