The Center on Network Science is a team of experts that help people, organizations, and communities build, manage, and evaluate effective networks. We provide research and evaluation, tools, and  training, all focused on translating data to practice.

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PARTNER-Map-exampleA major challenge facing organizations today is how to partner with other organizations, agencies, and groups to collaboratively address social and political goals while effectively maximizing resource sharing of the partners involved.  However, the process by which organizations have engaged partners in collaboration has varied, with few ways to measure the success of these partnerships. Public leaders are eager to understand how to analyze the collaboratives in which they are involved so that they may determine whether efforts to focus resources on partnership or collaborative development are working.

The CNS Team and its supporting technical assistance and quality improvement process, is recognized as a beneficial component of understanding and enhancing collaborative efforts. CNS was launched as a social network analysis tool in 2008 with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The tool is now the center of a process of assessment, analysis, systems building enhancement, and relationship strengthening. A growing community of users has increased the demand for technical assistance from the CNS team. Accordingly, CNS has grown to a dynamic team of experts skilled in systems evaluation, using an interorganizational network approach. The CNS team is deeply engaged in facilitation, evaluation, research, and tool building, specifically related to organizational network and systems evaluations. The foundation of this work is a community-based participatory approach.

Featured Clients and Projects



Million Hearts Initiative

A Social Network Analysis of Partnerships for the Million Hearts Initiative


Baltimore Integration Partnership

Organizational Network Analysis of the Baltimore Integration Project


Early Childhood Networks

Social Network Analysis & TA for Early Childhood Council