Collaborative Approaches in Chronic Disease Prevention: Factors Affecting Implementation of Evidence-based Practices in Local Public Health Coalitions

Robert-Wood-Johnson-FoundationThis project is a research project of the Colorado Public Health Practice Based Research Network (COPHPBRN). COPHPBRN brings together individuals in public health practice and research throughout the state of Colorado to identify relevant questions in practice and connect them with rigorous research that is immediately applicable to practice. This project combines two important topics in public health – evidence-based practice (EBP) and coalition/partnership work. The research will examine how coalitions find, select, share and use evidence-based chronic disease and related risk factor prevention activities. In addition, it will study the role of local public health agencies in coalitions, and their influence on EBP use and adoption. The project will use data from a survey of local public health agency directors and coalition coordinators, a network analysis using the PARTNER tool of eight to ten community coalitions, and interview data collected in a subsample of communities. The project addresses a topic of national significance as public health agencies seek to expand their capacity for supporting evidence-based chronic disease prevention practices through community partnerships. Measuring use of evidence-based practice in public health has become an increasingly important topic of interest within public health systems research. Though it is increasingly important, methodologies for measurement of use and communication of EBPs continue to be problematic.

This project explores how social network analysis can be used as a tool to understand the use, communication and dissemination of EBPs within a coalition setting. The PARTNER tools has allowed this project to think outside of solely how EBP is used into how this information is shared and communicated throughout coalitions/partnerships. We hope that the coalitions we work with through this project will use the data from PARTNER to strengthen their own partnerships as well as understanding how to use and spread EBP throughout their coalitions and partners in all of the work they do.


Funded By
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Research/Evaluation Area
Public Health Systems

Project Partners
CALPHO, CO School of Public Health