MillionHeartsInitiativeIn partnership with RAND, the University of Colorado Denver’s Center on Collaborative Governance’s Team will complete the planning and initial implementation for the organizational network evaluation of the Million Hearts network to (1) assess the partnership engagement process and the level and strength of interaction among partners in the MH; (2) assess changes in activities, policies, programs, or systems that have occurred as a result of the MH; (3) identify facilitators and barriers of public–private partnerships with the federal government; and (4) use the information developed through the above three aims to inform future partner efforts.

To accomplish these aims and answer these questions, we propose a mixed-methods design. This will include an environmental scan (including a literature review of both peer-reviewed and grey literature), key informant interviews (e.g., state, local and national stakeholders or policymakers), and an SNA of the MHI. These tasks as interrelated, with the environmental scan informing the protocols for the qualitative interviews and SNA and identifying participants for both; the qualitative interviews, in turn, will refine the protocol for the SNA and further aid in bounding the network for it.


Funded By
Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE); Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Research/Evaluation Area
Public Health Systems

Project Partners
RAND (Malcolm Williams)