There are several ways to learn how to use PARTNER.

  1. A technical manual is available if you prefer to have a start-to-finish reference that you can print out and read. The technical manual includes step-by-step instructions for how to use PARTNER, how to download and analyze data, and examples of ways to disseminate your PARTNER information.
  2. Web demos are available if you prefer to watch short video examples of how to go through all the steps to use PARTNER. There are nine web demos available, each one is only 2-7 minutes long. These web demos introduce PARTNER (web demo 1), explain what social network analysis is (web demos 2-3), outline each step for using PARTNER (web demos 4-8), and how to analyze your PARTNER data (web demo 9).)
  3. A teaching simulation is available if you would like to walk through a series of exercises using PARTNER data. In the simulation, you can pick a role and use the PARTNER tool and data to answer questions for each role. This simulation can also be used as a teaching tool.


    PARTNER Simulation – Download Video

  4. You can find the PARTNER analysis tool here. You can also find an “example” file that has data in it. If you open this file, you can see how the analysis tool will work and what kind of data you will get by collecting network data using PARTNER.