Network Leadership Training Academy: The NLTA brings together practitioners from across the country to participate in a dynamic, hands-on training academy to develop skills to build, manage, and evaluate effective networks. The NLTA is a place where public sector leaders gather to learn, share ideas, and develop skills for engaging in the “network way of working.” See:

Network Leadership Webinars:

  • The 2016 Spring Webinar Series: Network Leadership from the Field – Linking the Research to Practice are an opportunity to learn more about the research, skills, and practices for engaging in the “network way of working.” Many people today are deeply involved in networks, but are struggling to find information and tools to build knowledge and skills for this new way of connecting across boundaries.  These webinars are based on the premise that everyone involved in a network requires network leadership skill building in order to be an active, effective member of a network.  Join past NLTA attendees and trainers in hearing more about how Network Leadership applies to the ongoing, everyday work of building, managing, and evaluating effective networks.
  • The current list of upcoming webinars includes:
    • Network Leadership for Collective Impact – January 21, 2-3pm ET – to register click  here
    • Evaluating Networks for Network Impact – February 18, 2-3pm ET – register click  here
  • Certificate on Network Leadership: We are currently working on creating a Network Leadership certificate through the University of Colorado system. More information on this is coming soon!